Our Services

Here’s a break down of all the services we offer, if you’re working on a project that requires something more bespoke then feel free to contact us here


the Majority of our production work takes place at Limefield studios, a treasure trove of weird and wonderful instruments. It’s a castle of “Vibe” Here’s a little more about Limefield.

Countless musicians and artist from Manchester and further afield have come to Limefield for John Ellis’ guidance when it comes to making their own records. Honesty and encouragement is our method and John’s work with Corrine Bailey Rae, The Cinematic Orchestra, The Breath etc demonstrates His and Limefield studios ability to work across many genres and arts. The studio itself is an inspiring environment with set in the Lancashire countryside full to the brim with noise making oddities to perfect your record. Whether your they’re songs you’ve written in your bedroom, or the workings of 10 years playing in a jazz trio We’ve got the experience and the vision to make the record you always wanted.


There is nothing we love more than tracking bands live, music is a performance and the interaction between people, Limefield is setup to capitalise on that, based around a Toft 16 analogue desk and lynx aurora converters,  Whether your all together in the “Ballroom” or our iso booth we can accommodate nearly all musical endeavours (par full orchestras, we’re not that big). We’ve an great collection of vintage mics, mic pre’s and outboard gear to add any sweetness,grit or psychedelic madness to perfect your music.  Along with this we have a fine collection of instruments including Mark 1 fender Rhodes, B3 Hammond Organ ( with Lesley Cabinet) and a Bosendofer baby grand piano.

For more info on the studio and our rates feel free to get in touch on our contacts page here


Check out on the portfolio page here to listen to some of the records we’ve mixed. feel free to get in touch via the contact page to discuss rates and availability.