Howdy, Welcome to Glass Sounds.

I’m Andrew Glassford, the Neanderthal looking guy to the right. If there’s one thing that I have in common with our prehistoric cousins it’s that I love making noise; granted I’m not warning my fellow hairy men and women about danger or a fresh patch of berries to pick, but it’s to convey a message or speak a truth. That’s why I love music. Mix this with a keen sense of empathy, a love of guitars and groove, rounded off with enough curiosity to rival a dead cat, that’s how I got into production. From there I went onto a degree at UCLAN (1st class Hons,)to now working with John Ellis (Big Bang, Baked Al Ska, Honey Feet) and I hope to never stop learning.

I love to experiment with music and sound. Let’s record the drums in a bathroom? Sing the verses in one room and the choruses under the sofa, whatever works to get the sound and the message you want from your music that’s all that matters. Work fast, work slow, get all your friends in to sing one word of a song- do it. As much as I love to get into the inner workings of amps and mics and gear (believe me that could be a whole website in itself), it’s just the process. Whatever way you want to try something, I’m game.

So lets make a record, not a perfect record because there is no such thing (ok, maybe Bon Iver’s Self titled) but lets make the record you want, where you want, how you want. I’ve tread this ground well, so I’m your guide. When do we start?

I’ve worked quite eclectically within audio, working on huge shows in theatres at the Edinburgh fringe, to gigs of 30 people in the sweatiest cramped room you’ve ever seen. Mixing EDM tunes to mastering quiet thoughtful Piano pieces, I like to think my range is my strength, drawing on inspiration from across the spectrum.

For examples of my work check out the portfolio page here